Student Invite Soldiers To Beat Up His Teacher In Jos. (Video)

Student Invite soldiers to beat up his teacher in Jos.

Indeed , teachers are the backbone of every career and the foundation of every civilized society. When a student invite soldiers to beat his own teacher, one begins to wonder what type of home training children received from home before coming to school and after school hours. No wonder, the said “charity beings at home”.

According to sources who told newsfornaija that on 23/04/2021 a student of Government Secondary School kufang in Jos the Plateau State Capital, invite soldiers to beat up his teacher in the school premises with the help of his mother.

soldiers locked in the school premises

Well things turned around on Thursday the 22/04/2021 during school hours, when a well trained teacher discovered a particular class is constituting noise, which he decides to take a class with them which originally wasn’t his time to teach but to keep them busy and get some knowledge instead of making noise. As he was about to teach, one of the students walk out of the class telling the teacher, it’s not his period to teach, the teacher have to discipline the student for that statement and working out of the class when is not time for break.

With this little act of discipline , the student got angry and told the teacher he will deal with him. The teacher, never take the words serious cause he never expect a student he teach to impact his knowledge will turn his back and beat him up or harm him in anyway, he didn’t take the words seriously.

The student and the teacher went home peaceful and respectively that faithful day, on one knows what the student told his mother what happen in school and what the teacher did to him that made his mother to invite soldiers from where she is working as a helper (mammy) in a RTD. General’s house (name withheld) the next day to school.
However, on the 23/04/2021 which is on Friday, soldiers Strom into the school premises without following due process to respect the school principal but went straight to the teacher’s office and beat him up with their guns and boots, the school was turned upside down and other teachers stool up to defend their colleagues and so also the students help their teachers out of the hands of the soldiers, the security have to close the school gate, things came to normalcy when some school staff invite police who are in rantrya low cost, which is just a half kilometer from the school.
The police disarmed the soldiers for the bridge of peace during school hours and beating a teacher without informing the school authority, as at this time, the soldiers are cooling off in the police station for misconduct.

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